I asked M. if he wanted to join me in the pool. He looked at me kinda funny and raised his eyebrow. He asked what kind of "join" did I mean? I looked back at him and cocked my head to one side. "THAT kind," I said.

We wandered out to the pool, I unbuttoning my sheer summer sundress all the way. At the edge of the pool I let my dress drop to the ground. M. made a tiny groaning sound--but I heard it and smiled. I stepped into the pool and splashed water on myself. The sun was beaming bright and hot and the water was clear and cold--so, of course, my nipples immediately became erect. I felt like they were reaching for M.

He must have felt like they were, too, because he finished stepping out of his shorts and stepped into the pool. He wetted his hands and drew them over my breasts--it was my turn to groan. He leaned over and ever-so-lightly licked my still-erect nipples. He sucked one into his mouth and flicked the nipple with his tongue, back and forth. With his other hand, he slid his fingers across my other nipple, back and forth. I was in nipple stimulation heaven!

Suddenly, I heard a small sound and looked up. Yep, there it was. The dirty old coot next door had opened his window and was watching us with his binoculars. I love it when he watches!

M. had heard the noise, too. He knows how much it turns me on to know I'm being watched. He wound his hand in my long, blonde hair and yanked my head back. He pushed me over to the side of the pool, turned me around, and pushed again so that I bent forward over the edge of the pool. He kicked my legs apart. He shoved his dick into me. Again. On the third shove he had buried his entire length into me. I cried out, for effect. I was really so excited that my cunt was dripping wet, hungry and waiting for him.

M. banged away at my cunt, hard and fast, harder and faster, until, with a victory cry, he came.

He unwound his hand from my hair, turned me around again, and picked me up and set me down on the edge of the pool. He told me to lie back and spread my legs. He stared at my pussy for a moment and said it was beautiful. When he began stroking it, my nipples stood erect again. I began to play with my nipples while M. was stimulating my clit. After a moment, he dipped his head and began kissing. He teased me with his kisses and I moaned with pleasure/frustration. When he found the spot I wanted him to find he began to lick, lightly at first, then, gradually, with more pressure. He licked and I groaned and I knew that the old man next door was beating his meat, watching.

M. began to suck on my clit, increasing the pressure yet again. I was writhing in ecstasy/agony as I approached orgasm but couldn't quite get there. M. quickly slipped two fingers into my cunt and banged while he sucked and I came with my own victory cry.

After a moment, I looked up and the binoculars were gone. The dirty old coot next door had won, too!

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