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The Porn Flick

Not too far from our house is one of these video stores that has pornos in one end and regular movies in the other end. I had dressed again and was anticipating the reaction I might receive in the X-rated half of the store.

Truth be told, M. and I don’t watch much porn. We both have vivid fantasy lives, which we willingly share, and we are both up to trying new things. Maybe M. is thinking porn is a new thing to try? Anyway, this was my first trip into this end of the building by myself and I was a little bit disappointed to find no other customers in the place. I wandered up and down the aisles a bit, utterly turned off by all the “Fuck My Ass, Number 124” type videos, as well as the stupid real movie take-off titles. Finally, I saw a section called, “Femme” and noticed that the covers seemed different. Classier. The back covers implied more of an actual storyline. I picked one up: “My Surrender.” All right!, I thought. Maybe a little domination and submission with a name like that, eh?

I paid for the movie without really noticing the store clerk. I think he tried to chat me up, but I was getting anxious to get home. Maybe I needed something new….


By the time M. and I were ready to settle in for the evening with our porn flick, I was really looking forward to enjoying it. The set-up was interesting: April is hired by hetero couples to film them having sex and fulfilling their fantasies. Poor April is so afraid of getting hurt again, that even though she is surrounded by sex, she never has any. Until Robert comes along. They have one date before she tries to shut him out—but she keeps fantasizing about his kiss—and he keeps trying to break through her defenses.

The pace of this film is so slow that M. began to snooze. I was interested enough, and intrigued enough by the title, to continue watching. In the third section, April is fantasizing that Robert has snuck into the building, where she is seated on the soundstage. He picks up one of her cameras and begins taping her. She tries to leave and he orders her to sit—she does. “Oh, Oh, M.! Wake up, here comes the good part,” I cried as I shoved at him. He makes her admit her desire for him. Then; oh, yeah!; he picks up the scarf she’s been playing with and winds it around his hand and her face and my heat is really rising now! I’m getting set to really get me rocks off when he ties her up. But then he doesn’t. He plays with her some and she stops the fantasy. The film moves on to the next scene.

“Damn!” M. looked over at me as I turned off the video and flung the remote.

“Problem?,” he teased.

“They didn’t do it right!,” I wailed. “He was supposed to USE the scarf! He was supposed to keep DEMANDING her obedience.”

M. chuckled at me and left the room. After a few moments he returned. In a stern voice, he said, “Follow me. Now.” I did. He took me to the Great Room. The lights were dimmed, but there was one light positioned to spot light one of the bar stools. “Sit.” I did so. M. picked up our video camera and began taping me, like Robert had done in the porno flick. Aaahh—I should have known M. would rescue me from frustrating porn!

He told me to sit in certain ways, certain provocative ways, while he taped, always speaking in a demanding tone of voice. I was really getting into instant obedience when he set the camera onto the tripod and walked over to stand behind me. He began kissing my neck and caressing my breasts, as in the movie. He demanded I tell him I desired him. I did, eagerly. From somewhere he pulled a long silk scarf, one that we had previously purchased together for bedroom use. He used it to caress my skin for a few moments.

Suddenly, he grabbed my wrist and tied the scarf around it. I struggled against it—but silk is very strong! He grabbed my other wrist and wound the scarf around it. Then he knotted the scarf to the back of the barstool so that I had little mobility; a position which, not-so-coincidentally, forces my chest and tits up and out. M. began to rub and squeeze my tits, lick and bite my nipples. I protested against the rough treatment so he brought out another silk scarf and tied it around my mouth. He started to push my legs apart, but I squeezed them together as hard as I could.

“Open to me!,” he demanded. I shook my head. He began caressing my thighs, as if he thought persuasion would work better. He ran his fingers lightly along the tops and the sides of my thighs and then down the sides of my legs. He encircled my ankles with his fingers—and then squeezed. Tight! I gasped. He brought out another silk scarf and lashed my ankles together and to the barstool. Then he stood up, reached his arms around me and, grabbing my buttocks, scooted me forward to the edge of the barstool. I was now in quite an awkward position, having to lean back to alleviate the tension in my arms. But, I saw that defiance was futile. So, when he quietly demanded, “Open to me,” I did.

“Good girl!” He rewarded me with a pillow behind my back…and an achingly sweet kiss. I knew that kiss made my eyes get all heavy-lidded, my nipples to jut, my breath to quicken, my cunt to cream. He picked up the video camera again and told me to beg for him. I did, eagerly, “Please! Please, give me what I want! No one’s as good as you are, M. No one’s as big. No one satisfies me like you do. Please! Please, satisfy me!”

He set the camera down again. He stripped out of the pants he was wearing, revealing a full, stiff, proud tool. I smiled at the knowledge that he wanted me as badly as I wanted him. I jumped ahead in my mind, realizing that the position he had put me in had me opened to him perfectly for fucking. I think I even began to pant.

“Now, you’re being naughty, aren’t you? Thinking naughty thoughts, aren’t you? Naughty girls must be punished!” I was surprised at that. I really thought we were both as ready as we could possibly be without actually cumming. But M. had more surprises in store for me.

Stirring Up Mischief

Today, I had to run some errands. I hate how that makes me feel all grown-up and responsible! So, I decided to wear my naughtiest clothes and see what kind of mischief I could make.


The blouse I wore makes ME hot when I look at myself in it! It’s a thin white knit—which means you can damn near see-through it; slim-fitting—which means it hugs my every curve; wraps in the front—which means the vee-front goes way, way down; and is stretchy—which means I can pop my tits in and out of the front faster than you can say, “Oh, my god!”

The skirt I wore is light blue. It is made of a lightweight material and cut in an A-line, so that it flips up easily in the breeze. It is short, of course—short enough, in fact, that when I sit it doesn’t entirely cover my bottom. Sometimes, I leave wet marks!

Since I was especially eager to stir up mischief, I didn’t wear panties or a bra—and since it’s summer I was bare-legged, too. I wore my favorite pair of white, heeled sandals—comfortable enough to walk in all day, but high enough to make my legs look their shapeliest. The only other thing I wore was a tan—and you know that it’s a full-body tan!


The first place I went into was the warehouse store. I wandered the aisles, swishing my hips and clicking my heels, in order to attract as much attention as possible. But since I really was there to pick up some necessaries, I settled down and began perusing the dishwasher detergent. I walked by one brand and the smell of it immediately made me think of S. Ahhh, those were the days….

My mind wandered back to the early days of our relationship, when we could just glance at each other one second and be full-out fucking the next. I know I was smiling to myself and my hand may have been inside my shirt—just a bit—when I noticed someone standing behind me. I shifted my position slightly, naturally, to put myself an inch or two closer to him. He took that as the invitation it was meant be and leaned over slightly to say, “You have a lovely ass.” He had a lovely deep voice. I responded with a thank you and then whispered to him, “Would you like a better look?” I heard him make a sound, which I took to be a yes, and said in a louder voice, “I wonder what’s the price of these on the bottom row?” Then I bent over at the hips, stiff-kneed, to find out. I could feel the cool air of the central AC caress my ass as my skirt skimmed up over my ass. I knew that he could see almost all of my ass and even some of my (very wet and throbbing) pussy.

“Oh, eight ninety-nine,” I said. And straightened up and moved on to the next aisle.


The second place I went was to the grocery store. I decided, on the way in, that I was going to pick a quarry this time—as soon as I saw D. was working that day. D. is a college student, tall and slender, with long blonde bangs that he hides behind. I flirt with him outrageously every time I see him because it’s so cute when he blushes.

I rushed through my list and approached the checkout stand where he was bagging. The checker tried to make idle conversation, but my eyes were on D. I was mentally undressing him and licking him and my thoughts had just turned to wondering if it would be necessary to tie him to the bed in order to get him to allow a girl to lick him all over, when he mumbled, “Help you out with your groceries?” I replied in the affirmative.

I walked out in front of him, swishing my hips. It was breezy, too, so he was getting a pretty good show.

At the car, I opened the car door and then stood inside it, so that every time he leaned in to put down a sack of groceries, he had to brush past my breasts. After the first time, my nipples got hard and he stopped to look down my shirt every time he leaned in or out.

Finally, he had put the last sack in. He seemed to be searching for something to say or do, when I reminded him of the dog food on the bottom rack of the cart. I helpfully reminded him that it was heavy and he should therefore lift with his legs. He squatted down at my feet, and since he was now hidden by the cars, he took his time looking up and down the length of my legs. Again, being the helpful soul that I am, I began to lift my skirt up a bit. Apparently that was too much encouragement, though, as he reached out to touch me.

I immediately pushed his hand away and said, “Tsk, tsk. Naughty boy. The name of this game is ‘Look. Don’t touch.’” He mumbled, an apology I assume, and quickly shoved the dog food in the car, then practically ran back inside.


Taking the groceries in, I replayed the morning in my mind. When I found myself looking at the cucumbers in a certain way, I decided I had better settle myself down with a quick orgasm. I hurried to the bedroom and got out my favorite toy. I lay down and popped my tits out of my blouse and shoved my skirt out of the way. I began playing with my tits and turned the vibrator on and was really getting into it when I heard M.’s voice down the hallway. “Hey! Are you here? I decided to come home for lunch.” I yelled out to him, “Why don’t you cum for lunch?”

When he walked into the bedroom he was already shedding clothes. He looked at me with a gleam in his eye and asked, “Do you want me to help or to watch?”

“Watch and listen.” I said. I filled him in on the morning’s activities. I masturbated with the vibrator. He masturbated manually. As I finished my story, I came, loudly. M. loves to watch me have an orgasm and he had his right after mine. We fell together in the middle of the bed and panted and petted each other for several minutes.

As we were rising and cleaning up, M. asked me to get a porno flick if I was going to be out that way in the afternoon. Curious, I asked why. He said, “We might learn something!” I repeated, “WE might learn something?” We both laughed a bit at that, but I got one.

I Was Bad!

After lunch, I took a towel outside to lie in the sun. I love to feel the hot, hot sun on my naked skin--and, of course, I was naked. It was not very long before little beads of sweat began to form and to run down my body. I like that feeling, too. I felt the sweat begin to pool a bit between my generous tits and swiped it away. But once I had touched myself, the heat, the situation, and my touch combined to make me very excited.

So, I continued to touch myself. I rubbed my palms over my luscious curves. I tickled my nipples erect. Then, I moved my hands lower.

With my left hand I spread my pussy wide then just stopped and enjoyed the sun's heat adding itself to my heat. After a moment, with my other hand, I began to play with myself. I rubbed lightly and in a circular motion and it didn't take long for my little clit to demand sterner measures. I began to moan and to rock, rythmically, when I heard the meter reader come into the backyard. I didn't stop what I was doing or acknowledge his presence. I didn't even know which one it was because my cunt was aimed at him, not my head.

He finished taking his reading and turned around and only then did he notice he wasn't the only one in the backyard. I heard him clear his throat as if to utter an apology, but I continued playing with myself and pretending that I hadn't noticed him. He stopped trying to think of what he should do and just watched. He had an excellent view, as I was on a bit of a hill and he was only a few feet away. I could feel his eyes riveted on my hands and my pussy, and then I heard a clatter and a groan, followed by a zipping sound.

Now that I knew he was watching, transfixed, AND masturbating I was getting pretty close to coming. I said, "Oh, god. I'm gonna cum!" I kept up the pressure and motion and the rocking and the groaning and then I exploded with a series of animal grunts. I heard him say, "Jeez!" in a pained sort of voice at the same time that I realized there was an awful lot of wetness between my legs. "Oh, yeah!" I said. "Not only came, but ejaculated, too!" Which, evidently was all Meter Reader needed to push him over the edge, as I heard him try to strangle his cry.

I smiled to myself and mentally dismissed Meter Reader. I turned over on my towel and pushed a pillow under my hips and spread my legs. I wanted the sun to carress every iota of my body. The ecstasy and sun combined to send me quickly drifting off to sleep--Meter Reader obviously left, but I never even heard him.


I vaguely remember noticing when M. drove up and entered the backyard. Then I think I remember hearing him set down his briefcase and keys. But it got quiet again and the sun was tickling all my most private places and I drifted again. The next thing I knew, I felt M.'s naked legs between mine--he was kneeling and looking at my pretty pussy--which was jacked up in the air on the pillow, making it easy.

M. could see how sloppy wet I was, still, and, to prove it to himself, he ran his hand over my mound, getting his hand all wet. He sniffed his hand. My body and my mind were awakened at his touch. I said, "uh, oh" in a fearful voice. He picked up on the fearful voice bit and guessed, "Has Baby been bad?" I nodded a little and said, "uh huh."

I knew that behind me M. was smiling and that his dick was probably throbbing. Knowing me well, he simply asked who. I told him the meter reader. His reply was, "Well. When Baby is bad, Baby needs to be punished."

"Let me see. What should Baby's punishment me?" He pretended to think about it, but I knew he was anticipating the feeling and the sound and the redness....

"A spanking! Yes, Baby's punishment must be a good spanking!" M. got into the right position to deliver the best blows and I knew not to move.

Thwack! "Ungh!' Thwack! God, that hurt! Thwack! "Unnh!" Thwack! I lost count of how many times he spanked me. He was quite good at it--each one delivered just right to maximize the sound and the hand to butt contact. When he finished I knew that my ass cheeks were bright red, swollen, and hot to the touch.

M. moved back between my legs and kissed my ass. Then he made small licking and soothing motions with his tongue and his hands. The pain quickly began to recede under his tender ministrations.

He picked up an ice cube from my glass, beside me, and began to tenderly rub my ass with it. The shocking contrast between the heat and the cold had me breathing heavily. My clit began to throb and I began to want him inside me. M. continued to use the ice cube and then his now-cold hand to tease my ass and my pussy to a feverish state of excitement. As soon as I ground out, in desperation, "Fuck me NOW!" he pulled his hand away. I expected him to, indeed, fuck me now, but then I realized he had moved away from me. I looked up at him just in time to see his cum spray onto the grass in front of him. He held my eyes, while smiling, smugly. Then turned, said, "Bring that crap in," pointing to his clothes , and walked inside the house.



I asked M. if he wanted to join me in the pool. He looked at me kinda funny and raised his eyebrow. He asked what kind of "join" did I mean? I looked back at him and cocked my head to one side. "THAT kind," I said.

We wandered out to the pool, I unbuttoning my sheer summer sundress all the way. At the edge of the pool I let my dress drop to the ground. M. made a tiny groaning sound--but I heard it and smiled. I stepped into the pool and splashed water on myself. The sun was beaming bright and hot and the water was clear and cold--so, of course, my nipples immediately became erect. I felt like they were reaching for M.

He must have felt like they were, too, because he finished stepping out of his shorts and stepped into the pool. He wetted his hands and drew them over my breasts--it was my turn to groan. He leaned over and ever-so-lightly licked my still-erect nipples. He sucked one into his mouth and flicked the nipple with his tongue, back and forth. With his other hand, he slid his fingers across my other nipple, back and forth. I was in nipple stimulation heaven!

Suddenly, I heard a small sound and looked up. Yep, there it was. The dirty old coot next door had opened his window and was watching us with his binoculars. I love it when he watches!

M. had heard the noise, too. He knows how much it turns me on to know I'm being watched. He wound his hand in my long, blonde hair and yanked my head back. He pushed me over to the side of the pool, turned me around, and pushed again so that I bent forward over the edge of the pool. He kicked my legs apart. He shoved his dick into me. Again. On the third shove he had buried his entire length into me. I cried out, for effect. I was really so excited that my cunt was dripping wet, hungry and waiting for him.

M. banged away at my cunt, hard and fast, harder and faster, until, with a victory cry, he came.

He unwound his hand from my hair, turned me around again, and picked me up and set me down on the edge of the pool. He told me to lie back and spread my legs. He stared at my pussy for a moment and said it was beautiful. When he began stroking it, my nipples stood erect again. I began to play with my nipples while M. was stimulating my clit. After a moment, he dipped his head and began kissing. He teased me with his kisses and I moaned with pleasure/frustration. When he found the spot I wanted him to find he began to lick, lightly at first, then, gradually, with more pressure. He licked and I groaned and I knew that the old man next door was beating his meat, watching.

M. began to suck on my clit, increasing the pressure yet again. I was writhing in ecstasy/agony as I approached orgasm but couldn't quite get there. M. quickly slipped two fingers into my cunt and banged while he sucked and I came with my own victory cry.

After a moment, I looked up and the binoculars were gone. The dirty old coot next door had won, too!

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I need you to need me! I'd love you to love me!

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