I Was Bad! 

I Was Bad!

After lunch, I took a towel outside to lie in the sun. I love to feel the hot, hot sun on my naked skin--and, of course, I was naked. It was not very long before little beads of sweat began to form and to run down my body. I like that feeling, too. I felt the sweat begin to pool a bit between my generous tits and swiped it away. But once I had touched myself, the heat, the situation, and my touch combined to make me very excited.

So, I continued to touch myself. I rubbed my palms over my luscious curves. I tickled my nipples erect. Then, I moved my hands lower.

With my left hand I spread my pussy wide then just stopped and enjoyed the sun's heat adding itself to my heat. After a moment, with my other hand, I began to play with myself. I rubbed lightly and in a circular motion and it didn't take long for my little clit to demand sterner measures. I began to moan and to rock, rythmically, when I heard the meter reader come into the backyard. I didn't stop what I was doing or acknowledge his presence. I didn't even know which one it was because my cunt was aimed at him, not my head.

He finished taking his reading and turned around and only then did he notice he wasn't the only one in the backyard. I heard him clear his throat as if to utter an apology, but I continued playing with myself and pretending that I hadn't noticed him. He stopped trying to think of what he should do and just watched. He had an excellent view, as I was on a bit of a hill and he was only a few feet away. I could feel his eyes riveted on my hands and my pussy, and then I heard a clatter and a groan, followed by a zipping sound.

Now that I knew he was watching, transfixed, AND masturbating I was getting pretty close to coming. I said, "Oh, god. I'm gonna cum!" I kept up the pressure and motion and the rocking and the groaning and then I exploded with a series of animal grunts. I heard him say, "Jeez!" in a pained sort of voice at the same time that I realized there was an awful lot of wetness between my legs. "Oh, yeah!" I said. "Not only came, but ejaculated, too!" Which, evidently was all Meter Reader needed to push him over the edge, as I heard him try to strangle his cry.

I smiled to myself and mentally dismissed Meter Reader. I turned over on my towel and pushed a pillow under my hips and spread my legs. I wanted the sun to carress every iota of my body. The ecstasy and sun combined to send me quickly drifting off to sleep--Meter Reader obviously left, but I never even heard him.


I vaguely remember noticing when M. drove up and entered the backyard. Then I think I remember hearing him set down his briefcase and keys. But it got quiet again and the sun was tickling all my most private places and I drifted again. The next thing I knew, I felt M.'s naked legs between mine--he was kneeling and looking at my pretty pussy--which was jacked up in the air on the pillow, making it easy.

M. could see how sloppy wet I was, still, and, to prove it to himself, he ran his hand over my mound, getting his hand all wet. He sniffed his hand. My body and my mind were awakened at his touch. I said, "uh, oh" in a fearful voice. He picked up on the fearful voice bit and guessed, "Has Baby been bad?" I nodded a little and said, "uh huh."

I knew that behind me M. was smiling and that his dick was probably throbbing. Knowing me well, he simply asked who. I told him the meter reader. His reply was, "Well. When Baby is bad, Baby needs to be punished."

"Let me see. What should Baby's punishment me?" He pretended to think about it, but I knew he was anticipating the feeling and the sound and the redness....

"A spanking! Yes, Baby's punishment must be a good spanking!" M. got into the right position to deliver the best blows and I knew not to move.

Thwack! "Ungh!' Thwack! God, that hurt! Thwack! "Unnh!" Thwack! I lost count of how many times he spanked me. He was quite good at it--each one delivered just right to maximize the sound and the hand to butt contact. When he finished I knew that my ass cheeks were bright red, swollen, and hot to the touch.

M. moved back between my legs and kissed my ass. Then he made small licking and soothing motions with his tongue and his hands. The pain quickly began to recede under his tender ministrations.

He picked up an ice cube from my glass, beside me, and began to tenderly rub my ass with it. The shocking contrast between the heat and the cold had me breathing heavily. My clit began to throb and I began to want him inside me. M. continued to use the ice cube and then his now-cold hand to tease my ass and my pussy to a feverish state of excitement. As soon as I ground out, in desperation, "Fuck me NOW!" he pulled his hand away. I expected him to, indeed, fuck me now, but then I realized he had moved away from me. I looked up at him just in time to see his cum spray onto the grass in front of him. He held my eyes, while smiling, smugly. Then turned, said, "Bring that crap in," pointing to his clothes , and walked inside the house.


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